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Welcome to the Only program on the net where we've taken what was seen on . .

 . . and completely automated the entire process from snail mail to online Warp Speed.

People made Tens of Thousands, even Millions, and is why the process was seen on National TV. They spent under $50 and their windfall ballooned into Tens of Thousands, even Millions.

There was just one problem, it was illegal (thus more TV exposure).
  We've completely legalized the process, cut the cost to a fraction of the original $50, structured payouts in a way that keeps everything legal, and added tremendous value in creating your own Ultimate Money List that delivers, Exponential Traffic to your primary business, a Downline Mailer, and even added TWO additional Monetising Features that can catapult your earnings potential through the roof . .

1.  Exponential Traffic - see LIVE Viral Traffic Module below, click on a few offerings and imagine advertising your primary business there to  thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions

2.  Downline Mailer - email solo ads to your every growning  downline group twice  per week

3.  Ultimate Money List -  grow your  own exponential mailing list that you can instantly monetize

4. The Money Zone - see comp plan inside for more details (plus, CraZy Matching  bonuses for recruiters)

5. Monetize Your List - by plugging into the Hottest Bizops to come  down the pike



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“I like the way UML incorporates three of the most important aspects of builing a real business online, into ONE.

You get viral traffic, viral list building, and viral cash all rolled into one Huge CASH MACHINE.  Plus, there's even The Money Zone is THE BEST Bonus Structer I've ever seen.”

“Super charged is what The Ultimate Money List is.  Pure genious.  I am up to $885 and counting.

The strange part is, I only referred 5 people who wanted a great advertising value.  I didn't even sell the opportunity.  It completely took on a life of its own.  Direct referrals and matching bonuses like CraZy.  The best list building and viral advertising platform ever.”

“At first view, looks like a nice innovative tool.  I will be using this tool more and more.  Once you grasp the power of what it does, you are off to the races.

It brings some serious traffic and cash. And, The Money Zone?  Whoa!!  Regards.”


Q. What payment processors do you use?

A. Payza and Solid Trust Pay.

Q. How do I get Paid?

A. You get paid via the same Payment Processor you used to sign up. We pay out daily upon your request (within 24hrs of request).

Q. How much is the Reseller fee?

A. $1 (used to cover the cost of the processor fee).

Q. How much is the product and service?

A. $1 product (we payout 100%) and a $9 profit share where we pay out 100% to our affiliates ($10 total one-time).

Q. What is the total cost to set up my business and purchase my product and service?

A. $11 one-time only and you are in a totally explosive real business.

Q. How many levels does the program pay?

A. Five.

Q. What is your refund policy?

A. No Refunds.

Q. Can FREE members earn?

A. Free members may send 5 sales up to their sponsor and upon completing this task, you will be given a PAID membership (you can pay at any time to become Pro, but those you've passed up will remain with your upline sponsor).

Once you've either paid or passed up 5 sales, you will immediately become Pro and start receiving 100% commissions from your efforts - so, if you passed up 2 sales and decide to just make your own product purchase, you will no longer pass additional sales up. All sales flow to you - once you become a Pro member.

Q. What is your site description?

A. We sell non refundable advertising and downline list builder. Our affiliates earn a direct commission of $5 on every sale they make. We are a direct sales company.  Plus, we payout 100% through 5 levels and matching bonuses - The Money Zone.

Q. Is there a limit on how many sales I can make?

A. No, there is no limit.

Q. Do I get paid for free members and sitting on my butt?

A. Does Walmart get paid if its customers do not make a purchase? No.

We are no different. When you make a sale, you get paid.

Q. But, what about sitting on my Butt when I reach The Money Zone?

A. This is when you have done the necessary work in the beginning by making direct sales and letting the duplication process place you in The Money Zone bonus structure- where you will receive up to a Whopping 84% remaining Profit Share based on out comp plan Money Zone structure.


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